28. June 2022

Finally goosebump moments again!

We and our audience finally got goosebumps again the weekend before last at our “RED” concerts in Jerichow Monastery and in Magdeburg. After the concert break of almost two and a half years forced by the pandemic, we were finally able to sing for a live audience again: together as a choir on stage, together with all the listeners in the room.

In the last few years of the pandemic, we have managed, sometimes with a great deal of effort, to meet almost every month. We will also report here on our Corona experiences and how we organize safe rehearsal phases during the pandemic, for example. Nevertheless, in view of the ongoing planning with reservations, some of us sometimes asked ourselves the question: What (and what) are we actually working on here for? – Now we remember the power a concert gives us as a choir, but also to the individual singers.

Admittedly, the prospect of singing in concert is now unfamiliar and almost scary. We were all the more pleased to see many familiar and also many new faces in both concerts. Thank you for sticking with us!